Computational Fluid Dynamics 

Besim Engineering Group’s CAES Group specializes in the use of numerical methods (CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics) to calculate and visualize air flow both inside and outside buildings. This analysis can be applied to labs, fume hoods, clean rooms, surgical areas and many other building spaces requiring some degree of cleanliness or indoor air quality. Additionally, CAES provides wind wake analysis, wind load calculations, electronics cooling analysis and studies on other classical engineering problems involving fluid flow and heat transfer.

CFD is used to calculate air movement, temperatures, and chemical or particulate migration in any indoor or outdoor environment. By using CFD early in the design cycle, the design team may optimize the ventilation systems in their buildings providing both a healthy environment for the inhabitants and potential energy savings due to mechanical system improvements. The results of the investigations are produced in 3-dimensional color illustrations, either on paper or in electronic form. While the bulk of our studies are performed on high-tech buildings such as labs, research and development facilities or clean rooms, we can also evaluate office environments, stadiums, very large enclosed buildings, co-generation plants and hospital containment areas.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Besim Engineering Group. believes Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction communities.

The term "BIM" means different things to different firms.  We at ABesim Engineering Group think the emphasis needs to be placed on the "I" in "BIM" - Information.  That information can be graphical or non-graphical and contained directly in the building model or accessible through linked data stored elsewhere.  The ability to integrate the design and engineering process through information contained on the documents is what separates BIM from just another drawing tool.  Specifically, Andras Engineering Group has integrated the following into our BIM process:

  • 3-D modeling of MEP systems using AutoDesk Revit or Bentley Mechanical Systems.
  • Integration of the 3-D MEP model with architecture and structural components to address conflict resolution.
  • Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling with the 3-D design model to calculate air movement, temperatures, humidity levels and chemical or particulate migration both inside and outside the building.
  • Use of component attributes to allow for product schedule development, cost estimating and linking with shop drawing review/O&M manuals.
  • Importing documents to contractors for development of 3-D coordination drawings.
  • Develop 3-D PD F models for architectural coordination and collaboration.


 Energy Conservation 

Besim Engineering Group has studied and designed a vast variety of energy conservation related technologies and strategies.  Our analyses have ranged from simple bin hour calculations to full college campus computer modeling including lighting upgrades, HVAC equipment replacement, control system modifications, cogeneration systems, photovoltaics, micro turbines and geo-thermal heat pumps.

Our energy conservation service offerings include:

  • Building Energy Audits.
  • Utility Usage Assessments.
  • Investment Grade Energy Studies.
  • Energy Conservation Measure Design.
  • Energy Conservation Master Planning.
  • Utility Rate Schedule Analysis.
  • Renewable Energy Source Analysis.
  • Energy Grant and Incentive Procurement.
  • Utility Monitoring and Savings Verification.

Besim Engineering Group has extensive experience securing NYSERDA incentives for many of our clients and has participated in the NYSERDA sponsored New Construction, Technical Assistance, and EnVest Programs.


Besim Engineering Group has extensive experience in the commissioning of new buildings and the retro-commissioning of existing facilities to ensure systems are performing to optimum standards.

Successfully commissioned buildings produce numerous positive results including:

  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Long-term occupant satisfaction.
  • Extended systems life.
  • Indoor environmental quality.
  • Trained facility staff.

Besim Engineering Group offers full or menu driven services by our professionally trained Commissioning Group. Offered services include:

  • Commissioning Plans.
  • Design and Construction Document Review.
  • Pre-Functional Check Lists Development.
  • Functional Test Procedure Development.
  • On-Site Field Testing and Commissioning.
  • Test Results Documentation and Verification.
  • Operations Manual Review.
  • Owner Training.
  • Final Commissioning Record.
  • Project Warranty Inspections.


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